Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Bread Ken?

Continuing my theme of politicians being out of touch and more of a hindrance to British life than anything else I feel I must comment on ‘Red’ Kens latest wheeze.

He’s charging selected haulage firms £200 per lorry per day for them to enter London under the guise of ‘improving the air quality’ of London.

What a load of shite.

It’s purely about money and, as everything is with these wankers, it’s simply another tax on the working classes (I’m talking the one man haulage firms here).

It won’t happen but I’d love to see all the hauliers stand together and stick it up the smug, holier than thou twat and refuse to deliver anything to the capital for a week or so – he’d shit himself when the bread queues started wouldn’t he?


Daz said...

wait until Boris Johnson gets in, he'll abolish all that congestion nonsense and put in a drinking/shagging rebate.

cousin tel said...

Ah Boris Johnson, If he gets in I might be temprted to move back to London, or maybe further away....I'm not really sure actually

cousin tel said...

most of the people in the capital would be right at home with bread queues

Daz said...

5 days between posts Andy? You'd think you'd just had a kid or something.