Monday, 11 February 2008

Holidays in the Sun...

Hello again, remember me?

I must apologise for my lack of posts lately, basically it's because my boss is a twat.

Anyway, I went to watch Newcastle get smashed at Aston Villa last Saturday and, despite the result, which I half expected anyway, I had a very good day out. With this in mind I thought you might like to have a look at my latest article for Players Inc without having to go to the bother of actually buying a copy - I'm good to you.

Holidays in the sun

There will be those of you who’ve been a little disappointed by the results of the messiah’s return thus far. Some of you were no doubt dreaming of us storming up the table and into the european places just before we battered Man Utd in the FA Cup final and have been a little discomfited by the chill wind of reality. Me? I knew we’d struggle for the rest of the season. I also knew we wouldn’t qualify for any european competition (fingers crossed for the fair play league eh…or maybe not with Smith and Barton in the team!) so I’m not downhearted in any way shape or form.

Yes we’ve been tanked in a few games, yes we’re struggling for both goals and points and yes, I admit relegation is a real possibility but look further than the london based tabloid headlines and you can see the beginnings of a new era at St. James.

In the first half against Villa we dominated them, even though we were carrying the likes of Barton (slow, and over-rated in my opinion – that’s not me being vicious though) they couldn’t get the ball off us. When Kev’s had time to get his own men in then we’ll see that start to turn into full games of keeping possession and toying with the better teams.

If you look back at Wor Kev’s previous go around at Newcastle he started slowly, he just kept us up in Division two with a mixed bag of results and performances before he got to have a proper pre-season and work with everyone away from the hurly burly of a match every couple of days.

Throw into the mix that it also gave him time to plan and execute his transfer policy and it’s obvious we should be looking forward to next season with relish.

That summer we stayed up he got rid of half a team and brought in players of the calibre of Venison, Bracewell, Beresford and (a few weeks later) the mighty Robert Lee. He persuaded them all to sign for a team that was literally minutes from going into Division Three (once again thank you messrs Kelly and Peacock – lest we forget) and then lit the blue touch paper.

The paralells that can be drawn from that season all those years ago to this current mess are eerily similar:- underperforming players on big money; disenchanted fans; cowardice in the face of the enemy (ie good teams!) and, most importantly, a new owner making his first managerial appointment and being prepared to throw buckets of money at making it work

So smile at the social inadequates who try to bait you with jibes about our underachieving club, dismiss the ‘journalists’ who find every excuse possible to have a go at us (you could even stop buying their paper – just a thought like) and ignore the pundits on the telly who repeat gossip, fabrication and rumour as solid fact.

As Newcastle supporters, the best thing we can do now is get behind the lads on the park regardless of whether we think they deserve to play for us or not, write off this season and then book our summer holidays knowing that while we’re on the beach and drinking lager for breakfast Kev will be hard at work on our behalf.

He loves the club, he loves us and he’s got unfinished business with a few old adversaries.

Next season’s going to be great – I can’t wait.

Howay the lads


Daz said...

Can't see it myself, the gap is too wide unless we're talking about Abramovich type budgets. P.S. Come on the makems!!!

cousin tel said...

Hasn't Keegan failed at every club (or country) that he's managed. I know you came very close to winning the league title last time he was the gaffer but didn't he ultimately fuck it up with his free flowing style of football that leaked goals like a drunken daz sleeping in someone elses hotel room

Rivs said...


Define failed? He got City and Fulham promoted when they'd been languishing in the lower divisions for a long time.

He took over Newcastle when they were stitched on for Division 3 and bankruptcy, kept them up and then won the division the next season by spending next to nowt.

He then made us the second best team in the country befopre being forced out by the shepherd/hall axis of evil.

Don't believe the tabloid myths he knows what he's doing.


Ashley has an Abramovich style budget and will want to make his first appointment a success - it all hinges on us staying up.

ps - Come on the makems - Fuck off.

ourman said...

Kev, failed? How daft.

Agree with your thoughts. We have a manager we trust - a seemingly ambitious chairman and now lets have that period of stability that the media are always blaming us for not having.

Typically, only thing rocking the boat is on going media gloating - they're not happy when we keep a manager - they're not happy when we change one. Particularly fecking Louise Taylor.

Like the blog - have added you to my rss.

Rivs said...


Thanks for your kind words - post anytime you like, everyopne's welcome on my blog (except fucking politicians obviously!)


cousin tel said...

Ok, probably a bit of a sweeping statement which was looking for a reaction. However if getting teams promoted out of the lower leagues is the success you're looking for then that's great, I know thats not what you really want next season, a top four spot and a good cup run is what you want, can he deliver that, we'll have to wait and see. You also point out that you were stitched on for div 3, the other side of that is that you were stitched on for the league title as well. Good luck, i hope he gets you success, part of me can't help thinking it's looking backwards. (Daz is right about budgets, thats how Fulham got into this division then stayed there after Keegan had gone)