Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Back in???


Have you noticed how the frequency of my posts directly correlates with the time I'm off work - spooky eh?

Right, the official verdict on my back comes from my physio - I have injured my spine - yes, my fucking SPINE - you know the one it carries your whole body from birth to death and if you break it you're pretty much finished.

Apparently, I have knocked my facet joint out of sync and this is causing my huge and well developed trapezium muscle to kick off and inflame. So taking one of my loyal readers advice(and more importantly, the physio's)I have self-certified myself for the rest of the week and am spending a lot of time immersed in hot baths and deep heat cream (which is canny hot like!). I've also got another session with the young, blonde and very pleasant physio on Friday which may sound very nice but in reality is quite painful (and yet still good - I wonder what Freud would have made of that??)

So I'll probably be doing some work on Magpie Ranger for the next few days as well as looking to explore new areas of possible freelance work - what I really need is a magazine where they encourage both swearing and spleen venting for vast sums of money...any ideas?

Oh, and one final thing, everyone with tendonitis (ie my 'little' brother) can just get back to nursery cos spinal injuries are for real blokes who are obviously as hard as nails - see you later.


Daz said...

Remember i'm the bloke who played the second half of a football game with a broken toe, and still got man of the match.

William Wren said...

good heads rest upon feeble foundations

Rivs said...


Man of the match - bollocks, that was the steady as a rock, veteran centre half.

William Wren,

You've aged well sir and I thank you for the compliment.

cousin tel said...

I fell off a wall and broke my back when i was 15, I have to admit it did sting a bit

Rivs said...

You should have given all the kings horses and all the kings men a ring Tel...

cousin tel said...

tried them, they couldn't do anything