Thursday, 14 August 2008

Back in...

What day is it?


Yeh I feel better now – only took me five days to get over something that lasted for three. Still, least said about Prague the better, mind, you know what they say.

‘What goes on tour …..ends up on Facebook!’

Anyway, I came back to find out that one of my stories, that I’d won a competition on Byker Books with, had been published in top Newcastle fanzine True Faith and I’m now famous amongst the toon faithful.

One eagle eyed associate of mine pointed out that he’d read the said story on my website already but hey, that’s life eh?

Anyway, nowt else on the writing front, I got a three round hiding on my return to the gym last night but did rally for long enough to get some telling blows in during a toe to toe exchange (never underestimate the speed of my hands..) and I’ve got some new books to read by David Peace that aren’t even out yet!.




cousin tel said...

Well done for winning the Byker Books competition, remind me, who were the judges???

Rivs said...

I don't know mate - they don't tell us poor writers that kind of thing.

I imagine it was panel comprised of famous authors and international playboys or something...