Thursday, 7 August 2008


Right then, couple of bits today.

I'm off to Prague on a big boys beano tomorrow - I've heard they have lovely architecture, wonderful Art Galleries and super museums, I absolutely guarantee I won't see any of them.

Tried out my new gumshield last night during an intense five round beating - I'm happy to report that none of my teeth burst through my lips or cheeks so well done to the Tooth Factory in the toon for that - I'm also pleased to report that my opponent, a filthy old school slugger, suffered severe his knuckles - that'll teach him.

No writing news other than one of my stories (Blagger) is going to feature in the debut anthology from 'Byker Books' sometime in November - I'll let you know when so you can buy a copy and I'll sign it for you. Then when I'm a multi billionaire celebrity author you can claim to the News of The World that I slept with you and make yourself fifty grand - everyone's a winner.

Have I mentioned I'm going to Prague in a minute?

Have a good un.

Ps - Did you notice I didn't swear today? Soon put that right - FUCK!


cousin tel said...

Prague Prague Prague

Yvonne Young said...

Hi, Hope that you enjoyed your stay in the Czech republic, power to the people.
My husband is also a Philistine, whenever we go on holiday, I can get away with so many visits to galleries etc then he says
"Right, that`s it, no more fossily places."
Thanks for putting my link on your blog, I realise that your manly viewers (Anonymous) will be appalled, so congratulations to your manly self for fighting the corner for the female blogger, well done kid.

From menopausaldom city.

Rivs said...

No bother Yvonne- everyone's welcome at Fasthands towers and yep, we did a fair bit of quaffing!