Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Taxing questions...

How was your bank holiday then? I hurt my back at the weekend (it hurts loads but I’m from Byker and therefore hard as nails so I don’t say nowt…) but unfortunately due to various staffing issues I’ve had to come to work this week rather than resting it so I’m in a right mood…

With that in mind I’m going to keep this brief (gotta do me stretches like don’t ask…) and ask just one question.

As Labour ministers are calling for a ‘windfall tax’ on the energy firms, the rationale being that they’re making a fortune through increased prices, in order to spend the said tax on ‘helping those in fuel poverty’.

Will they also be calling for the same tax on the government who are making an absolute fortune through fuel tax (the highest in Europe I believe – do we get any benefit from being in the EU?) in order to assist those who are struggling with big price rises on everything caused by the price of petrol and diesel?

Or, as I suspect will happen, will they keep quiet about that and just put their expenses claims in as normal and live the good life whilst we all struggle to heat our homes, drive our cars and put food on the table?

Don’t even know why I’m asking actually – they’re all a bunch of self serving, greedy, hypocritical fuckers with more in common with the grasping, everyone else will pay for me, chav class than they care to realise.

Bunch of arse all of ‘em.

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Daz said...

In Thailand there's a massive protest on to oust the government, with up to 30,000 people camping out in the goverment building grounds. I would love that to happen here, it'd even be worth paying the congestion charge for.

Also watched a program on ITV last night about the Scottish border regions. They're having an influx of English families who are moving there to take advantage of the free studying and free elderly care systems they have in place. Apparently both Labour and the Tories have said they will keep things as they are at the moment. Oh what a joy to be English!