Tuesday, 5 August 2008

'Dick' Barton - not so special agent...

Right, I’ve had enough of this Joey Barton shite now. A couple of points I'd like to make:-

1. Purposely looking for the fuckwittest looking fuckwit in a Newcastle top and getting him to say what you want about Joey Barton whilst presenting that as the voice of every geordie is not actually good reporting practice in my opinion.

2. I don’t recall the media getting so worked up about convicted drink driver Tony Adams and his spell inside, or Eric ‘Bruce Lee’ Cantona or Ben ‘Forearm smash’ Thatcher or John ‘Yes I did glass that bouncer a few years back’ Terry or the hundreds of other footballers who kick off up and down the land every weekend. I wonder why that is?

3. Four England rugby players were accused of rape and sexual assault a few months back. The English media devoted a whole day to it and then shut up. If it had been four England footballers then whole rainforests would have been chopped down so journalists could occupy the moral high ground. If it had been four Newcastle players then certain journalists would have self combusted their indignation would have been so great.

4. Speaking of Journalists – how many of them have ever been convicted of offences but now stand in judgement on Barton? Alan Brazil for instance, chief moral crusader on Talkshite radio has been done for drink driving. What gives him the right to become judge and jury on anyone else?

5. In which other industry would a business be expected to just give away a six million pound asset to one of it’s competitors just because that particular asset is flawed (and shit – no I’m not a fan of his!).

6. Why didn’t the media demand Bartons expulsion from Manchester City when the offence originally occurred?

7. Why is all this Keegans fault when it was actually Big Fat Sham who lashed the cash on the scouse dickhead – a fact no-one in the media seems keen to bring up?

8. and finally, am I the only one who thinks that, yes Barton is a wanker but all he did was have a fight on the training ground – something that happens every day at every club – did anyone die? Did the world stop turning? Was it Joey who killed Diana?

I think a lot of journalists need to get a fucking grip and I will be watching the ‘Wayne Rooney spat on a nightclub bouncer’ story with interest.

Ps – I’m off to Prague at the weekend – cannit fucking wait, I hope I see a reporter there…


Daz said...

On a couple of points you're getting either paranoid or forgetfull. The media went into meltdown after the Cantona incident. Every cunt wanted him banned for life and it went on for ages. As they did when Rio 'forgot' his drug test (a man city player got fined for the same offence)
The only reason the Barton thing won't go away is because the prick keeps doing it: cigar on kids eye/chinning team mate/chinning teenager outside McDonlads. Barton is one of the feral youths you keep commenting on in this blog - would you be sacked if you done that at work?

Rivs said...

I agree Barton is a prick (and also a crap, slow footballer) - no argument there. I also agree he deserved to do time and, suprisingly enough for this country, he did go to jail.

My point is simply this - If the media are going to go on about Barton they have to be consistent.

Lee Hughes, formerly of West Brom, killed someone through drunk driving and ran away etc. He did time for manslaughter (I think) and now plays for Oldham Athletic - Where was fucking Martin Samuel and the rest of the holier than thou brigade then? How come there are no calls for him to be banned for life?

You're right about Cantona though - I only mentioned him to annoy you!! :->

cousin tel said...

Lee Hughes did get coverage by the media but it didn't last as long because he went to oldham, not a big enough story.

Off to prague at the weekend eh? lets see what sort of coverage that gets

Rivs said...

Yee kna the drill Tel - what goes on tour stays on tour.

Media blackout like...