Friday, 1 August 2008

Writing News...

Right then, some good stuff going on.

I’ve finished my play – did I mention I was writing a play? No? Well I obviously don’t tell you everything do I.

You can get a look at a portion of it here :- My Website

I’m sending it to the Live Theatre in the toon so they can run their beady eyes over it and then tell me I’m shit – I’ll let you know how that goes.

Also, and this is the good bit, I’ve had a story accepted for publication in a short fiction anthology that Byker Books are bringing out round about November – woo hoo.

As usual nee cash involved but I’ll get a copy of the book to bore everyone with and, as the author Danny King is also going to be in it, a bit of exposure.

So all looking promising on the good ship fasthands – you have a good weekend now.

Ps – Just heard I’m getting my new, made-to-measure, gumshield through the post in the next few days. That’ll be handy next weekend when I’m on a big boys beano in Prague….

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Daz said...

Why the gumshield? I didn't think you could catch anything from oral sex!