Monday, 21 May 2007

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly...

Honestly you turn your back for five minutes and everything happens at once.

The Good

Sam Allardyce has been appointed manager at Newcastle United. There are a few people spouting the usual media led cliches about the long ball game etc. but make no mistake about it, thanks to Freddys 'inspired leadership' we are deep in the shite and as such he is the best manager we could have got. He will bring organisation, resolve and character to a dressing room that is as spineless as it is mercenary (Owen agititating for a move - twat!) and he'll introduce intelligent tactics designed to nullify and upset whoever we're playing against. The timing is correct for once as well, I suspect more by luck than design as our chairman isn't known for his forward planning.

I've been offered a new job starting straight after my current one becomes redundant so I've told our lass she doesn't have to start shopping at Netto's or Aldi's just yet!!

Scarecrow Magazine/Ezine have accepted 'Blagger' for publication - I'll post a link to them when it's on display.

The Bad

The abuse Glenn Roeder suffered, both at the match and on various forums, before he went was not necessary. Glenn was one of us, he had the good grace to go without holding the club to ransom (unlike his predecessor - the scottish fraud), he saved this club from relegation when he took over from Grim Shitness and he was obviously denied transfer funds by the fat pikey when he needed them most. He goes with my good wishes for the future.

Charles N'Zogbia, Obafemi Martins - both refused to play for the club against Watford for various reasons. I don't care what those reasons were or how they seek to explain themselves, they (along with Dyer who has previous for this as well) can just f**k off now.

Mr. Shepherd has used the appointment of a new manager to hide the fact he is putting up season ticket prices - Using his favourite pet local reporter he managed to spin this as good news by saying that if you renewed your ticket in the next few weeks the price would be frozen but after that they would go up. Newcastle United have the most expensive ticket prices outside of London, a number of clubs that finished above Newcastle in the league actually REDUCED their prices, the television money received by clubs is about to increase massively to the point where they could give tickets away for free and still not lose money - yet ours are going up. I wonder what sort of dividends the major shareholders will be getting this year?

The Ugly

The Wallsend Ultras - now that's ugly!


Wallsend Ultra said...

Fancy renaming your holiday snaps after me & the bookie!!! One thing you'll not find from The Shepherd Chronichle or even the match reports on True Faith or (who mentioned the flag & we all live in a black & white tent shenanigans) was that only Taylor Ramage & The Gooch came over to applaud the supportes at the end of the Watford game(Butt & Shay applauded from the halfway line)all the rest done one(Nobby had been replaced)The Gooch although he's going spent a while talking to the fans before giving his shirt to one & Taylor n Ramage thru their boots & shirts to the crowd after their usual show of appreciation no matter if they've well or bad. Forgot to e-mail u that but better late than never!! Well done on the book deal.

Daz said...

Good news about the job and blagger mate, (are the two words linked in this case). I'd have to say i agree with the comments on Alladyce and Roeder as well. Roeder was always just keeping the seat warm for someone else but he's never ripped the club off, as for Big Sam he's the best English manager out there, e interesting to see how him and Keane get on next year.

Daz said...

With regards the photo of the Turkey and Goog i think it's been doctored - neither of them can grow a tash.

Rivs said...


Interesting comments on the players there. It always winds me up when they don't acknowledge you travelling miles to watch them get beat - fair play to Gooch though (even though he's shite!). I haven't got a book deal either, just had a story accepted by a credible magazine - you'll know when I get a book deal - there'll be lager everywhere!!


Aye, Allardyce will make a difference at Newcastle and not just on the pitch. If all he does is encourage the fat pikey to wind his neck in then it's money well spent - I think next season will be good though.