Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Part Time Blogger...

Well that's that then. My easy peasy, standing on my head, so untaxing that I've been able to write two novels and a play in two years, job has come to an end and I've had to enter the real world. This means that as of now my blog will be a lot less regular - I'll still post news on my fledgling writing career and my opinions on anything and everything, there'll just be a larger gap between posts.

I hope that you will continue to log on and check out whatever's new and that you don't get too frustrated when your comments aren't displayed as quickly as they are now. Anyway, fingers crossed that I don't get the sack from my new job before I've paid the mortgage off and I'll see you later.

1 comment:

cousin tel said...

No wonder you got made redundant, it sounds like they didn't actually need you. Strangely enough if you look the word redundant up in the dictionary you'll find that this is actually what it means... all the best mate, hope you got a good payout.