Friday, 25 May 2007


Below is a link to an article by True Faith Magazine - it encapsulates the situation at Newcastle completely and should be read by all right thinking Mags.

The fat pikey's had enough of our cash - let's not give him any more eh?



The sooner the ugly fat bastard is out the better, and why are you called fast hands?

Daz said...

Can't see the mass boycott happening, the arrival of Allardyce and this new bloke will have more people renewing than you would have originally got. I think the word is fickle.

Rivs said...


There's no need for a total boycott as fatty's on the way out, this is simply to speed his departure.


Why am I called fasthands - ask your lass!

Anonymous said...

A pal of a pal of a pal (I know, I know) is good friend with Big Sam and he has said his ideal midfield set up for NUFC would be, Millner/Solano, Nolan, Barton/Butt, N'Zog/Duff. with the possibility of Boateng the Ghanaian anchor man. In defence, Tal Ben Haim should also be through the door early next week. He also wants Baines (Wigan) and another experienced centre half. He hasn't eyed any right back at the moment but that is high on his list of 'things to do'. He's also looking at various striking possibilities. He said that this could obviously all go out the window if he's given a huge war chest of cash but until then, that's his plan. If he does get his war chest he's bringing in, Kaka, Gerrard, Henry, Fabregas, Terry, Carragher and Bridge.


Rivs said...

Good stuff - welcome back Shad, long time no hear.

I've also got a pal of a pal of a pal who's 'in the know' and he reckons if Sam gets a massive war chest then he'll be buying in some veteran centre-half cum striker named 'Rivers' for 50p and a pickled egg before buying his son a new yacht!