Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The irony of it all...

I have made mention of 'The Wallsend Ultras' in the recent past and been accused of unfairness towards those JCL's but the following story may shed some light on a division in their ranks and my antipathy towards them and their ilk.

On Saturday seven of them met at their pre-match pub for their usual round of Babychams and spritzers. Six of them were wearing the new, designed by a blind West Brom fan, home shirt. The only one not wearing the new shirt was roundly abused by the others but bravely stood his ground against a sea of razor sharp and incisive critcism - 'Hoo man whors ya short like ya tramp' etc. etc.

Two hours later, feeling a little tiddly after numerous Martinis, the Wallsend chaps joined the rest of the crowd in singing 'Shepherd Out' and 'Sack the Board' - oblivious to the fact that they had just prolonged his regime by GIVING HIM FORTY QUID EACH!!


PS - Special mention to Gook for being the only one of the seven with a brain and a special 'you need a punch in the face' award to Nick the Nashman, aka Turkey for queueing up from midnight to get the shirt!


Daz said...

It beggars believe that Turkey the nash man, who only three years ago was a Man Utd supporter, has now changed his alliegence so much so that he's queuing up for toon tops at midnight. Surely this 'professional' Newcastle supporter act is designed purely to achieve acceptance within his peer group (who have only supported Newcastle since the Keegan days anyway, and i mean manager not player).

waallsend ultra said...

as usual your facts make the suns football ratings believable!! a gift from a relative from manufacturers adidas & you start throwing stones in your southern greenhouse. as for fatfred he's backed all the managers just they've lacked the talent & strength to either motivate or get rid off certain players. dyer out then all will be well!!

Rivs said...

Ultra Boy,

Fat Fred has also employed everyone of the aforementioned incompetents - in any other business he'd have been out the door by now. Has it occurred to you why certain players haven't been peddled yet? Maybe a certain fat pikey has put the block on it. So you've got relatives that work for Adidas eh? That's handy cos I'm looking for a job at present - ask them if they want a PR man with his own blog!

Big Richy said...

I belive I am one of these so called 'Wallsend Ultras' that abused Chris 'the gook' Evans in The Lane the other day!

Shepherd oot!