Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Writing News

Still no word from anyone about 'Special' - which means I'm still unsigned if anyone's interested - but no news is good news in the literary world (or maybe I just made that up!). I'm also thinking of entering the Daily Mail's Debut Novel competition but am undecided at present - I'll let you know.

I've received a request to cast my 'expert' eye over the first draft of a debut novel from an aspiring and talented author I know. The novel in question, 'On the March' is a fictional account of the experiences of four young lads when they join the army in the early nineties and is chock full of references to the culture of the time - Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Ecstasy etc.

Personally, If I was in possession of my own publishing company or literary agency then I would take a good look at this and market it along the lines of 'This is why Prince Harry goes off the rails sometimes' just as the furore over his non active military career reaches it's peak in the tabloids - mind you I'm biased!

If anyone in the trade does want to contact the author though then let me know.

Ps - On the march is a term used by us northern types to describe the custom of necking cans of lager en-route to the bus stop for a night out, thus maximising drinking time - Young Harry may well substitute the lager for Cristal champagne and the bus for a chauffeur driven limo but I bet he still does it!


Daz said...

I hadn't thought about the Prince Harry angle, originally I was hoping to exploit the tabloids obsession with bullying in the forces as a selling point. So now, along with the the fact it's a story with real believable characters, plenty of conflict, some shagging and drug taking, i've got six selling points. (and i haven't even mentioned that it's essential reading for the over-thirties who can no longer stomach going out and behaving in a hedonistic manner, but would like a little help remembering what it was like.)

Rivs said...

You're right about the forces bullying thing - that's a constant tabloid theme add that to the shagging and drug taking and Irvine Welsh better watch himself.

Incidentally, I'd hate to be an over thirty who can no longer stomach going out and behaving hedonistically - what's it like?

cousin tel said...

Why don't youse two just phone each other up ;-)

Rivs said...

I don't know who he is - honest!