Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Kieron Courtney Dyer

  • Kieron has been at Newcastle United for the best part of seven years and in that time the number of really good games he has had can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
  • He is twenty eight and a half years old and we are still talking about 'potential'.
  • He has been involved in numerous off the field incidents that involve alcohol, young women and tabloid front pages.
  • In 2004 he refused to play on the right wing for Newcastle United as requested by his then manager Sir Bobby Robson (the next week he played on the left wing for England)
  • In the same game when passed the captains armband by a withdrawn Alan Shearer he threw it on the floor
  • He is reported to be on a weekly wage of between £50k and £80k
  • He had an on field fight with team mate Lee Bowyer leading to them both being sent off.

In short he is the archetypal premiership footballer, average in talent but big on hype. He is very fast but then so was Road Runner. In a season when Newcastle have performed, in the main, spinelessly and without pride, our manager saw fit to make this waster captain of OUR team. He responded to this in the manner we all knew he would, he was anonymous apart from giving the ball away to the opposition for their winning goal.

Alan Oliver in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle (or the daily Shepherd as it is known amongst fans) states today that he thought the decision to make Dyer captain on motivation grounds was 'fair enough' and then opines that the player would not pass a medical in a big money move and so will remain a Newcastle player next season.

Right, so he's not fit enough to play for a big club but we'll keep giving him bucketloads of cash for the privilege of seeing him walk idly round the pitch in a black and white shirt next season?

The number of fans who have told me they have had enough of the way the club is run was worryingly high before Mondays capitulation but the mood worsened considerably when the team were led out by a bling merchant who isn't fit to wear an armband only recently vacated by Alan Shearer.

Does Roeder have the first idea of what he's caused by this action?

Kieron Dyer captain of Newcastle, Jesus can this season get any worse?

Stop the Spin - SHEPHERD OUT!


Daz said...

I was arguing about Dyer with a kid at work a few months ago and we looked into the stats. Throughout his career he's scored something like a goal every 8 games (i think Scholes was around a goal every 4 games), and as you mentioned if you take into account all the trouble and injuries he's had (all on full pay), he has been a terrible buy for Newcastle. With regards the captaincy surely they could have given the armband to someone who it would covet it, like Harper, Solano or Taylor. To say it's "fair enough as it's a motivational tool" is poor journalism to say the least. What about the 50,000 other motivational points (pounds and people) he gets a week?

Rivs said...

Spot on comment Daz. The man has been an absolute waste of a shirt at Newcastle and can't be a good role model for any young players there.

cousin tel said...

Always knew he was a bit of a woma and his middle name proves it