Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Right then lads and lasses,

I know my nonsense is now required reading for all you intelligent types (and the Wallsend Ultras) but I'm off to Greece tonight. As such this blog is now officially on holiday for a week or so, apologies to anyone who wishes to comment on my various rants/stories/shite but they won't show until I'm back to moderate them.

In the meantime, amuse yourselves by checking out some of my website links, buying stuff through my Amazon search box and clicking on some of the adverts to peruse their wares - who knows I might be able to afford the holiday if you do it enough!

Incidentally, I'm being made redundant from my job on my return so any employers who'd like a witty, urbane and damn handsome looking chap in their company feel free to let me know.

See you later.


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