Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Grim Shitness and Freddy's goodbye.

Graeme 'I like nil - nil draws me' Souness has had the temerity to come out and advise Mike Ashley on his takeover of Newcastle United hinting that a lot of money needs to be spent to improve the team. I simply cannot believe the brass neck of the incompetent twat.

This is the same Graeme Souness that on taking over a Newcastle team that had just finished 5th in the league (another inspired footballing decision by the fat pikey) declared that 'this is the best squad of players I've ever had' and then spent £50 million destroying it and bringing in shite like Boumsong, Faye, Babayaro, Luque and, maybe controversially but he's done fuck all for us and he's a mercenary little twat in my opinion, Owen.

I cannot believe that anyone even listens to anything the caledonian fraud says any more much less even consider employing him as a team manager, he doesn't understand either word - Team or Manage.

Anyway, this is the official end of my, Stop the spin - Shepherd OUT campaign as I've obviously won and chunky will be off to Greggs permanently soon.

Howay the lads and shut up Souness you gobshite.


cousin tel said...

I love the word "temerity"

Rivs said...

You ought to get out more Tel, me old china.

ILuvNUFC said...

Twunt is the word I use to describe Souness when he is on tv and the bairn is around!

Quite possibly the worst manager we've ever had. I can't believe the rubbish that he has been coming out with of late.