Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Tough on Crime?????

I watched the final episode in Andrew Marr's excellent 'history of modern Britain' series last night. This one basically exposed the hypocrisy of the Blair era, when in opposition they shouted long and loud about tory 'sleaze' (and let's be frank, they were sleazy and they deserved it) but Tone hadn't been in power two minutes before Bernie Ecclestone was whispering in his ear about tobacco advertising on Formula One cars and the million pound 'donation' he'd made to the Labour party. I still had this in mind when the news came on and Tone's best mate, 'Oor Wullie' Falconer announced that upwards of twenty five thousand (that's 25,000) prisoners would be released early from their sentences in order to alleviate prison overcrowding. Sentences that they only serve half of anyway incidentally, some of them are out before the bruising has gone down on their victims, however, I digress, I initially thought well why don't we just disband the police force that would solve prison overcrowding forever but then realised it was all a clever ploy by Tone. Bearing in mind that this government worships the pound like no other before it, it's obvious that Tone has got into bed (so to speak- no sleaze chants here) with british door lock manufacturers - it's brilliant. Big factories will open up everywhere as we all turn our homes into fortresses and the gross national product will hit the roof, okay there'll be casualties as pensioners too poor to buy into the new vision are beaten robbed and probably murdered in their own homes but hey, he's a pretty straight sort of guy is Tone and every operation has collateral damage right?


Daz said...

We won't be able to open up big door lock factories because Tony is going to sell the manufacturing industry (along with or policing and legal system) down the European river. If he signs the new constitution factories workers can't put in over 48hours a week and temporary workers have the same rights as permanent staff. The yanks are going to love this excuse to mave everything to China and India.

Rivs said...

Someone more cynical than me about the state of the country and our 'leaders' ?? I don't believe it - we're almost like brothers.