Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Separated at Birth??

Here's a conundrum for you - Are Tony Blair and Graeme Souness the same person?

Let's look at the facts shall we:-

  • Both went to school in Edinburgh
  • Both started their careers in unthinkable shitholes - Blair in Co. Durham and Souness in Middlesbrough
  • Both had porn taches when they younger
  • Both replaced people who were far better than they'll ever be (John Smith and Sir Bobby Robson)
  • Both rely heavily on spin to hide their ineptness
  • Both have only had success north of the border, failing miserably in England
  • Both of them employed idiots - The list is too long for Blair, I'll simply mention Prescott, Souness, amongst others, once played an unknown african who claimed to be George Weah's cousin in a PREMIER LEAGUE match!
  • They're both renowned for their love of a pound or two
  • They both hung on until the bitter end before being removed from their positions
  • They both, for some unfathomable reason, keep getting linked with top jobs.
  • They were both fucking incompetent!

There you have it, proof positive if ever it was needed, that the caledonian chancer and the soon to be ex premier are one and the same person. This might explain why the jocks have the life of riley and our pensioners can't afford their prescriptions in order to live, still as long as Tone gets to be president of europe then it'll all have been worth it.


Daz said...

Is Souness' wife an ugly, nonce, defending, cunt?

Rivs said...

She doesn't need to work - he just gives her the money he gets in brown paper bags - allegedly.

cousin tel said...

this website gets more like a graeme souness fan site every day

ILuvNUFC said...

Hello Rivs.
Don't want to give my name on here but I used to live at no 19 just a few doors up from you. I was the younger brother.

I see that you like my photos. :)
How about at least a linkback to my photos site Photographs Of Newcastle underneath the images.

Rivs said...

Sorry mate didn't realise they were yours - I'll stick a link up now.

Was your brother nicknamed Munkus by any chance??

ILuvNUFC said...

He was! :)

Quite a chance find. I'm not sure how I came across this blog but I recently read your contribution to the mag from a while back where you mentioned the Stags and I wandered what you were up to these days.

Where are you living these days?

Check out my other blog Look At This... the most read one man link blog in the UK with around 16-18,000 pageviews a day.

Rivs said...

I've looked at your link site before, back when I had an easy job and used to trawl the net regularly - feel free to add my blog to it somewhere prominent!!

I've lived in Banbury since the back end of 94 and am currently hawking my second novel around the slush desks of dis-interested agents and publishers - they'll all be sorry the day I get discovered!

Oh, I write a column for Players Inc as well.

ILuvNUFC said...

Yeh I'll link to your place next time im messing about in the sidebar.

Where the fuck is Banbury?! Just kidding. :)
Was it the love of a good woman or a job that took you down there?

I've never heard of players inc but I'll check it out and good luck with your book.