Thursday, 28 June 2007

Things I didn't know yesterday - Part 3

I work and live in Oxfordshire, this, unfortunately, means I mix with numerous 'supporters' of different football clubs. I was always under the impression that to be a supporter you had to actually watch the team whose virtues you extolled - not so.

I've just witnessed an exchange between a Liverpool 'supporter' and one of a Man Utd persuasion where the Liverpool fan, without a trace of irony in his forty year old Banbury accent, decryed the Man Utd chap as, 'a glory hunter because you're not from Manchester'.

You can't write comedy like this.


Daz said...

I've got something almost as good. I once had an arguement with a Newcastle supporter who claimed Newcastle had a better youth policy than Man Utd. He then went on, in all seriousness,to cite Carl Cort as an example.

Rivs said...

I cannot be deing with them JCL's me. The sky generation need to be chased round Stanley Park a couple of times by knife wielding paddys with scouse accents before they can even be considered to have served their time!

cousin tel said...

There's Liverpool fans sitting there now going "where's stanley park then?"
In London it's really bad, I take great delight in asking the plastic scousers if they've ever been to anfield, when they say no I say oh really, I've been there twice and I fucking hate liverpool.
(Works even better with Manu fans cos there is more of them, and I've been there 3 times)

Rivs said...

Do you take your prawn sandwiches with you or buy them when you're there?

cousin tel said...

Last time I went there was none left, they said some kid with little arms had been in and had the lot before legging it home so he could be in his armchair in time for the match.