Friday, 22 June 2007

Growing pains!

I'm a fit bloke, I go to a boxing gym at least three times a week and I eat a balanced diet involving vast amounts of fruit and veg. With this in mind I approached looking after my twelve year old nephew last night with no trepidation, after all what could he do that I couldn't cope with? Absolutely nowt I thought.

Turns out I was wrong, turns out he's got himself a Nintendo Wii (pronounced Wee). You know the one, where you don't just sit down and play games, you strap the controller to your hand and act out the moves. Well last night he challenged me to, Tennis, Baseball, Golf, Bowling and of course... Boxing.

Today I have more aches and pains than Ricky Hatton's next opponent and am struggling to walk around my new warehouse much less do any actual work.

Nintendo Wii - be careful, you'll think it's a piece of piss but the next day you'll feel like shit!

PS - Yes I did beat him at everything...except the boxing, oh the shame!

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Daz said...

Virtual sport??? Fuck me, what's wrong with subutteo?