Tuesday, 7 August 2007

For you Geordie, Ze weekend ist over!

I'm Back... my head hurts and I feel sick.

Too much to tell you all as my boss is watching so I'll just have to mention what went on as and when I can (well what I can remember anyway - Havana Club and Coke - fucking lethal man) - I'll get the odd picture as well (and they are odd) for you all to laugh at.

Got to go now as apparently I'm meant to have started work but I'll leave you with this piece of advice - when you're dressed in a comedy wig, in sunglasses you can't see out of and wearing a see through, womens, floaty hippy top which displays both your man breasts and shit tattoos then you really shouldn't wander into an irish pub on your own, particularly if you've been drinking for ten hours and you're in East Berlin for the first time in your life.

Just remember that and you can't go wrong.


Daz said...

I'm looking forward to hearing about how you got bummed by two people dressed up as batman and robin.

Rivs said...

I'd forgot about that - that german beer really makes your arse hurt.

cousin tel said...

Did you see any drunken English men goose-stepping? I saw this once at a german service station when i was on a school trip, very funny but the locals arn't too keen.

Rivs said...

Just us...!

cousin tel said...

Excellent, no trip to germany is complete without a bit of we won the war piss taking

Anonymous said...

My head feels like Berlin mid 1944. Boom Boom Boom.
I only slept for 2 hours last night, The rest of the time I spent shivering and sweating champagne/Havana Club or something alcoholic.



Rivs said...


You're my favourite.