Wednesday, 29 August 2007

A slow news day?

Just a quickie to let you know my thoughts on the current furore over the Newcastle fans chanting 'He's got a bomb' and 'Mido is a paedo' on Sunday. The papers mainly appear to have taken the most politically correct stance they can find accusing us of racism and one in particular (louise Taylor in the Guardian - the same Louise Taylor who writes for the official Sunderland publication and is a self confessed Mackem shitbag) has accused us of islamophobia-is that even a proper word?

Well firstly, even though this is all a load of media created nonsense and I shouldn't waste my time even responding to it, the Boro fans were chanting the same sort of thing at him a few months ago when he played for Spurs but the press weren't jumping up and down then, also, in the same game, Mark Viduka was called a 'Fat Aussie Bastard' repeatedly but the press have also neglected to mention this - does racism only count if you're not white?

And to my main point, while this was happening and the assembled hacks were working themselves into a frenzy of self righteousness about the ignorant geordie hordes a young man was being kicked to death in Sunderland, an 11 year old boy had been shot dead in Liverpool and there were, too numerous to go into detail about, fatal stabbings up and down the country. All of these deaths were brought about by youths, mainly in gangs, and are a serious issue for the future of this country.

Do our self appointed moral guardians in the national press feel that this isn't worth shouting about or, as I suspect is the case, do they realise that no-one believes anything they write any more so they simply follow the angle that they can sensationalise the most, thus selling more 'news'papers?

Answers on a postcard to... any tabloid or broadsheet you want, they won't read it.


Daz said...

I'm only surprised they didn't use the article to somehow link Princess Diana in as being a champion for causes like 'the prevention of islamophobia'. Fuck me after 9/11 and 7/7 who in their right mind in this country, and America, and Madrid, and Mali etc.. isn't fucking islamaphobic?

Rivs said...

Aye, she was the 'peoples princess' you know. I don't recall her ever coming to sign on at Byker dole office with me mind.

jcl said...

I was at the match match on sunday and took great offence at mackem slut taylors "islamophobia" insult,since i have never been scared of muslims,i just don't like the cunts!

jcl said...

Before anybody accuses me of hypocrisy, i think Emre is a twat as well!