Thursday, 9 August 2007

Now that's what I call music...IS IT FOLK!!!

Having nearly recovered from last weekends over-indulgence I'm all set to do it again from tonight - incidentally I went to the gym last night, made the mistake of sparring with someone a bit good and then weighed myself, I'd lost five pounds since last week!! If any lasses are reading this bollocks (doubtful I know) then I can heartily reccomend the 'Beer Festival Diet' just send me a tenner every time you use it.

Anyway, tonight I'm going to the 'Cropredy Music Festival' or as it's more commonly known both locally and worldwide 'Fairport Convention' - the music is generally shite (in my opinion) but only because it's folk and I'm not a fan, Jools Holland's on tonight though so he should be alright.

My main reasons for going on a weekend long bender at a folk festival are basically:-
  1. It's in the village where my extended family live and just five miles from my house
  2. There's a fringe festival in the two village pubs which means I get to see the up and coming local bands as well as established favourite 'Spank the Monkey' - no I'm not making that up.
  3. It's a good laugh

So there you have it, I'm going to be off-line most of this weekend but will let you know how it goes.


PS - I joined Facebook the other day so if anyone's on that give me a shout.


Daz said...

Facebook??? What's going on with you? You're 37 you know, get a grip!

Rivs said...

Tel and McCrisp are on there as well - I'm nicking your mates again!!

cosin tel said...

And disco