Friday, 10 August 2007

New Season...Newcastle

For those of you that don't read my column in Players Inc (ie - all of you tight bastards) here's the season opener from my good self (it's also the lead article on the new toon website that hasn't went live yet so I really am spoiling you!)

Hey Ho, Lets Go...
Well, what a last couple of months this has been. Firstly we lose Glenn Roeder and appoint Big Sam. He may not have been everyone’s choice but it’s fair to say he’s probably the best we could have got at the time and he’s doing all the right things at the minute. It did make me wonder though, I mean Sam had resigned from Bolton well in advance of us asking Roeder to leave and was therefore perfectly placed for a quick appointment at the toon. Could Freddy really have planned that far ahead? Could he really have actually had a plan for once? Given the way he’s ‘managed’ the club over the last ten years I sincerely doubt it and think it was more a case of us being in the right place at the right time for once.

Then after the mildly pleasant shock of getting in a proper manager we had the best news I’ve heard in some years, the previously unknown Mike Ashley was buying up shares in the club and it was obvious that Shepherd and his acolytes couldn’t do anything about it. When it became apparent that the cancer was being removed from the heart of the club we love my glee was un-containable, I may even have got a round in at one point I was so happy.

The noises coming from the club, Chris Mort in particular, have all been positive and encouraging, steady growth and building the team up again etc. Big Sam has made some solid signings thus far as well. Viduka will give us a physical presence up front, which was something we lacked all last season. Rozenhal I don’t know much about but he’s a Czech international and they’re no mugs so he must have something about him. Barton for all of his documented disciplinary problems will give us some fire and drive right in the middle of the park and Geremi can play pretty much anywhere and do it well, he’s got a belting free kick on him as well by all accounts.

Speaking of signings I have to say I was a little surprised that Roy Keane managed to spend ten million pounds on Chopra and Richardson, two players that could be adequately described as squad members everywhere else – still, a bit of a chuckle is always good for the soul.

And then…just when I thought that things couldn’t get any better it was reported that after ten long years of enduring the most embarrassing chairman in the premiership (and that takes some doing) Freddy ‘you’re all mugs for buying the shirts’ Shepherd was being removed from his post. It was lucky I was in the house when I heard as I’d have been sectioned for running around the aisles at Tesco’s shouting ‘GET IN’ and shaking my fist in triumph. Mind you as it was our lass was surprised by my triple back flip – women eh!

Anyway Shepherd’s gone now and, the odd back page splash from his tame journalists apart that should be the last we hear of him. After the last three years of dross and capitulation I find I’m experiencing a long forgotten sensation this summer, optimism. I’m really looking forward to the coming season and think it’ll be a good one. I’m confident of a top six finish and at least one good hiding given to the mackems.

So Mike, Sam and Chris, welcome to Geordieland. Roy thanks for giving us all a laugh with your purchases and Freddy, don’t let the door slap your arse on the way out.

Time to start the roller coaster again – Come on!

Howay the lads

Andy Rivers


Daz said...

You might even get over 30,000 in for an FA Cup game this season.

Rivs said...

Ooh listen to Mr' Global Brand'.

Football's not about size, it's about passion - ask the Waalsend Ultras - Newcastle aal tha lives them lads!!!

cousin tel said...

well written and very restrained, can't believe you wrote all that without mentioning the souness word