Wednesday, 15 August 2007


Can you hear it...?

Listen really carefully…hear it now?


Shall I tell you what it is? It’s the sound of my club ticking over nicely. No outlandish claims of street fighting or pronouncements of the ‘I’m a Geordie me’ variety from a laughing stock of a chairman. No moaning about injuries whilst simultaneously declaring that you never mention them. No players agitating for a move – well except one and he hasn’t counted for a long time anyway. No, none of that, just professional management of a football club that's being properly led from the very top. The new chairman realised we were becoming a bit concerned about our transfer plans stalling and voila, a quick statement of intent to calm us down, swiftly followed by three sound acquisitions. All done quietly and without fuss – smashing. The manager, rather than get into a public slanging match with his former chairman, just does his thing and gets us the three points with a big smile on his face – Job done. The players are all up for it, well apart from the one previously mentioned but he’ll be gone soon, and have said so repeatedly. All of this is how it should be and gives me a warm feeling, since Mike Ashley took over we have started to be run correctly and the results on the park will reflect this over the coming season I’m sure.

It’s the first home game on Saturday(I'm going); fifty two thousand Geordies singing their hearts outs for the lads, eleven players on the pitch prepared to sweat blood for the cause and men in the boardroom and the dugout who are determined to get it right.

For the first time in the last ten years we are truly Newcastle United and I love it.

Howay the lads


Daz said...

I predit your bubble will be burst with a two - one win for the Villa. Ensuring that the mackems are North East top dogs. KEANO, KEANO,

cousin tel said...

I'm happy your happy

Rivs said...

Daz...Stop gloryhunting!

Tel, I'm happy that you're happy that I'm happy.

Daz said...

I'm not gloryhunting, i'm merley trying to drum up some controversy to get people to comment on your blog. I need a new tactic though as all the Newcastle mugs are obviously puffs with little nobs.