Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Well played that man...

I've always thought cricket was a shite game for boring people, I also think the majority of my readers would probably agree with that but...I've started changing my mind.

I spent yesterday drinking lager in the sunshine and conversing with people at my in laws local village sports club. I generally talked nonsense about a number of subjects and had a good time, this was punctuated only occasionally when there was a shout from the pitch and everyone clapped (I joined in obviously). I went to the pitch at half two and got home to bed about midnight.

Cricket- I love it me like.

Oh and I still haven't got a clue who won!


Daz said...

I'm sorry but i don't agree, any sport that gets called off when it rains is officially bent(and so are the players.)

Rivs said...

I've been to football matches that have been called off because it's rained...or snowed...or it's foggy etc.

Mind you, you're right, most footballers are bent as well.