Friday, 17 August 2007

Do you remember the first time?

The heart beats a little faster with each step, the excitement rises in your chest and threatens to make itself known through your teeth if you open your mouth too wide and you feel so alive with anticipation that you're actually scared. The first thing that hits you as you mount the steps is the colour, a brilliant green comprised of a million freshly mined emeralds, then the noise, excited chatter from grown men who have regressed back to childhood, faces wreathed in stupid grins. you're taking all of this in you become aware of a noise that sounds like a voice but isn't, somehow detatched from the whole affair but intrinsic to it at the same time.

'And here's a request from Parrot Face from some Shakey - This ole house'

First home match of the season tomorrow, I'm travelling up for it and bringing my nephew for his second ever visit to the Peoples Republic of Tyneside - I cannit wait... mind you it's not just the game, we're going to Burger King as well - WooHoo!!

Have a good one Folks.


Anonymous said...

1st time for couple of seasons looking forward to the start of a new season, your words sum it up perfectly, cant wait
The corner the corner the corner....

el tel said...

Theres nothing like it mate is there, I went to our first home game last week, it was a good game and the atmosphere was much improved, there's a group of like minded fans who have started a campign to "reclaim the shed" from the away fans (who are still in there) and also the jcl's and tousists who never sing or get involved. Now the Shed has been designated a singing stand and a lot of STH's have relocated there and fans who want to sing are encouraged by the club to buy tickets in there. There's a massive problem with jcl's and tourists at the bridge who sit on their hands. Now the ones in the shed are getting some abuse for not joining in which can only be a good thing. Unfortunately i think the west stand's a lost cause. Anyway thats your lot on the comment front for a couple of weeks, my sombrero and and sun cream is packed and i'm off to sunny spain tommorrow....adios

Rivs said...

Cheers Toonman,
Aah the corner, them were the days!!


Have a good one, if there's an internet cafe near you then feel free...