Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Flock off Shepherd!!!

Well he's finally gone...I feel as though a curse has been lifted from our club, a cancerous growth removed or a dead weight lifted. He has had some supporters over the years, deluded fools that came out with the same shite every time 'oh but he's always backed his managers' totally and deliberately missing the point that he was spending OUR money. He only ever put around £75k into the club and has walked away with the thick end of £35 million!!

Anyway, lest we forget just why we hate the fat pikey so much here's a little (not exhaustive) list to refer back to whenever you find yourself in conversation with any idiot who thinks he was okay:-

  • He called all Newcastle fans mugs
  • He called all Geordie women dogs
  • He indulged in some shady, nepotistic practices that involved the club leasing back a warehouse they previously owned and losing a fortune on the deal
  • The Michael Owen - Youtube thing
  • Undermining his managers - Sir Bobby specifically
  • Licking Douglas Hall's arse repeatedly
  • Buying and selling players without the knowledge of his managers

And finally, the reason for which I would hate him regardless of anything else...he employed Graeme fucking Souness!!!

Bye Freddy, don't let the door slam your fat arse on the way out.


Anonymous said...

Haha ! Fucking quality! Good riddance to bad rubbish ... or, if you prefer it simpler, fuck off cunto! The useless spnkbubble wont be missed.

Nice blog matey.

Rivs said...

Cheers mate- I hate the fat pikey twat nearly as much as I hate Souness.