Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Take me up to the Paradise City...

It's my birthday tomorrow (37 before you ask and apparently that's considered young amongst novel writers so I've got time yet!) and I'm heading North. As a result this blog will be taking a holiday for a few days as I sample the delights of a five star hotel in Leeds before embracing the warmth of a good old Geordie homecoming (Get the beers in then you soft cockney puff etc.)

On Sunday I'll be attending the annual 'Players Inc.' party, that's a football magazine I write a column for, and will doubtless get lashed as Steve, the owner/editor/publisher plies me with free drink (hope he's reading this). He's promised to sort the website out for the mag this summer so when he does I'll link up to it and you can all see just what bile ridden, spleen venting, invective I was coming out with when the fat pikey was in charge.

Anyway, If I get the chance I'll post a bit more before I shutdown for a bit, If not, have a good weekend (cos I will) and if you can't be good, be quick.



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Cheers cockney geezer!