Thursday, 26 July 2007

Newcastle 4 - 1 Celtic

The mighty toon have just given the scottish champions a good hiding, this feat, by a team that finished below midtable in the premiership, is impressive enough but when you take into account the fact that we finished the game with ten men and the reserve team keeper playing upfront on his own then it shows you just how poor scottish football is.

I'm sure our caledonian cousins will be shouting about it only being a friendly but as we all know, Celtic don't play friendlies, they wanted to win this and couldn't get past our team of academy lads, reserves and crocks - yet another jacobite rebellion stopped in it's tracks by the geordies!!

I cannit wait for the new season me like.


Daz said...

And with Hibs whopping Sammy Lee's Bolton 3-1 could it be that Big Sam is the man to turn your little club around.

Rivs said...


Oh football started when Sky TV came in did it?

Daz said...

We've had this discussion before and my definition of a little club is one that goes decades without winning a major trophy. 38 years and counting.

currie said...

In all honesty we were total shite... celtic were there for a run around, i think we actually tried and it wasnt good my friend..

Rivs said...

Currie - Celtic always try against English clubs - ditto Rangers, apparently they're the best team in the world now becuase they beat Chelsea. Don't believe them when they say different.

Daz - That's me telt!