Friday, 20 July 2007

Money for nothing...

After thirteen months and one million pounds of public money the inquiry into the cash for honours scandal has concluded that no-one involved in this tawdry affair need be charged with any crime. Imagine that, an investigative body that is controlled by the state coming to the conclusion that the former head of the aforementioned state is as ‘clean as a whistle guvnor’ – why didn’t they just doff their caps as they left the room?

As regular readers will know, I am of the opinion that all politicians are lower than a snake’s belly and that, along with most of the country, I don’t trust or believe them whatsoever. I am assuming some journalist with integrity somewhere along the line will ask the searching questions about pressure being brought to bear on the police and whether money ever changed hands. For me though, a lowly serf in a country where you have to have money to register on our leader’s radar, there is only one question to be asked.

What odds will I get on a member of the police team getting an MBE in the next year?


Gena said...

Just found your blog, Hello from a fellow Geordie! very thought provoking and funny writing! I like your style! best wishes,Gena.

Rivs said...

Cheers mate,

Feel free to join in and comment on whatever shite I'm coming out with today...and make sure you email the link to your mates!!


Daz said...

They didn't even have the decency to push forward some faceless civil servant as a scape goat. Even politicans can't be arsed to do their jobs properly these days.