Monday, 30 July 2007

Charity begins at home.

I have a lot of thirty something readers of this blog and I wonder if they recall, as I do, images on our telly screens in the eighties of third world countries. Pictures of desolation and disaster, human suffering and people dying through a lack of water. It moved Messrs Geldof and Ure to organise Band aid and Live aid, worthy attempts at helping that spawned a thousand copycats, and to raise millions of pounds.

I've been watching the same desolation, disaster and human suffering on my screen just lately, only this time it's in BRITAIN!!! A country that used to be known as Great but is now little more than a third world country itself (thanks Tone) - at this point I'd normally go into one about how our politicians have basically destroyed this country but not today, today I'm asking another question.

If all of these hand wringing worthys in the public eye can raise millions of pounds of aid for Africa (and fill the pockets of their corrupt leaders) then where are these famous actors, comedian, singers and 'celebrities' when their own countrymen are dying?



Daz said...

Good point, but for me you can't look past the government on this one. It's their duty of care to protect it's civillian population, and having had enough warnngs about flooding in the past (York floods every year) they've failed miserably in this department. I just hope that people don't vote Labour at the next election.

Rivs said...

Personally I think they're all scum and as bad as each other. I don't honestly think it matters which colour of tie sits behind the desk in No.10, us ordinary types will still get shafted.

However, I take your point about Labour, this country has declined alarmingly in the past ten years.

Daz said...

This is totally irrelevant to your flood-based posting but I thought I'd put it on anyway. Me and the wife had to cancel our weekend trip to Paris due to illness and the insurance comapny,resonably enough, want a signed form (which they provide) from the doctor. Took the form to the doctors today and for a signature and approximately 50 words of writing it has cost us £25. What do your readers think of that?

Rivs said...

Doctors man - all minted and never stop moaning. They do a load of training - granted, but once they've qualified it's straight into the private jobs and Fuck the NHS.

I'm in a right mood today me!

cousin tel said...

It reminds me a bit of what happened in New Orleans a couple of years ago, the American government left those people in a shit state.