Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Writing News

Afternoon All,

I've had a few problems logging on thanks to the floods - the telephone exchange where I live was flooded and most of the town couldn't get on the net. Incidentally, did you know that £14 million was cut from the country's flood defence budget last year, I'm glad the idiot who did that isn't running the country...ooops!!

Anyway, as promised here are the reviews my short play has received thus far from the members of The Live Theatre in Newcastle:-

lou_onix - 24th Jul
hi andy
really enjoyed this piece, davy is so well realised i had a crystal clear picture of him in my mind as i read. i would agree that some of the dialogue was perhaps a bit long and speech-like - would these characters be making speeches in that situation? but what was said rang true. i don't know that davy's girlfriend really needs someone else to be leaving him for, that name dropped in, maybe she would leave him just because of who he (still) is.
and yes, i'm interested to know the subject of your novels! do tell...

Darrell - 23rd Jul
Hello Andy,
Just read your play and thought i'd comment on how much i liked it. Being in my thirties myself the character Davy is one who i've encountered and mocked for years, so seeing him in print made me chuckle.
The play was light hearted and good for your first effort( i think you wrote that it was), if i was overly critical i'd say that some of the dialogue may have been a touch long.
You said you've wrote a couple of books, are these based around similar characters?

rach - 20th Jul
Going to do the cut and paste job, don’t ask. I liked the thirty something charaterisations, they seemed almost based on experience, in fact I’m sure I was at that very rave with Dave. I felt like I knew these people personally. The dialogue flowed and the timing worked well. I thought the play worked well as a short comedy, good stuff.

So far so good eh - I'll let you know if owt else is said.

See you later



Daz said...

Positive comments. Are you going to try any more playwriting?

Rivs said...

I'm trying to turn my abridged version into a lengthier script. After that I'm sending the whole thing to the Live Theatre as they do a script reading service, depending on what they say I might take it further.