Thursday, 5 July 2007

Things I didn't know yesterday - Part 4

Having just spent the last four hours of my life on a coma inducing Health and Safety course I have managed to retain one interesting fact. While a policeman needs to apply for a warrant to enter your place of work or house, inspectors from the Health and Safety Executive do not. They are in posession of warrants to enter any premises at any time if they suspect breaches of Health and Safety law.

So with that in mind I was wondering whether the police could not find some way of using that to enter suspected criminals houses and have a poke about. Say if they could get the HSE to think that 'Fingers McBride' hadn't had all of his portable appliances safety checked and stickered by an approved electrician, or if 'Radgepacket Reeder' hadn't carried out a risk assessment on his PC setup from which he laundered his ill gotten gains.

Could be a whole new slant on law enforcement - I should be Prime Minister me.


Daz said...

Good loophole, but what about the human rights of everyone who doesn't want to be governed under the Health and Safety law?
Surely post-Blair the human rights card beats everything - even the race card (which went years without any real rivals to it's door opening, compensation seeking, lazy criminal cunt defending, properties.)

Rivs said...

It's a cracking loophole and opens up loads of possibilities for my crime fiction creation - Barney Netherstone - I might get him seconded to the HSE for one of the books in his series. You could transfer Polmont McRothero to the race relations board for a novel!

cousin tel said...

"Radgepacket Reeder"....superb, when can I meet this man

Rivs said...

'When Radgepacket Reeder met Polmont McRothero' if that hasn't got bestseller written all over it I don't know what has!

cousin polmont said...

I'd buy it