Monday, 24 September 2007

Craven Heart...

I’m not a Sun reader, that’s not a swipe at anyone who is, I just don’t like the paper and the gossip they tend to promote as news. It is a fact though, that ‘The super soaraway Sun’ is an influential daily that can sway its readers quite easily. As a result of this the main political parties tend to try to curry favour with the editors and owner of the paper.

Well, with this in mind, I note (some lads at work buy it) that they’re starting a ‘give us a referendum on Europe’ campaign (other papers have been doing that for months but The Sun will claim it ‘was us wot won it’) and I’m betting the prime minister will be sweating a bit now.

You see, the bosses at The Sun are experts at gauging public opinion so when they decide to start any sort of campaign it’s usually in the knowledge that they’re onto a winner where their readership is concerned. As the Labour party manifesto promised us a referendum and they’re now going back on that (similar to top up fees and the non-raising of taxes as I recall – well unless you’re Scottish) then Gordon may well be about find out that the honeymoon’s over.

Would selling your country out and giving it away to our former enemies be considered treason these days? And, my main question, if it is then is it punishable by death?


jcl said...

It just goes to show how much contempt the fat scotsman has for the people of our once great nation, it may well be a good idea to sign up to the european constitution, but to do it without consulting the people it will effect is blindingly arrogant.
Almost every other nation has had a referendum to decide upon ratifying the constitution yet our government seems to think the general public is too stupid to have an opinion, you are wrong Gordon and if you continue down that road you may as well hand over the keys to number 10 to Cameron now. Hopefully "call me dave" will capitalise on this and confine new labour to the history books and then maybe the path will be cleared for a real labour party with the working classes being represented rather than the current blend of middle class bureaucrats. I can't help but wonder where we might have been had John Smith not died, crying shame because he was the only one in tune with working class needs and values.

cousin tel said...

No your main question is "is it treason" because if it is then it is certainly punishable by death as that is the law of the land

Daz said...

As a reader of The Sun i have to say that it has been fighting this campaign since the amended constitution/treaty came out.
With regards what Brown is doing, the really sad thing is that no-one can stop him. Even if he does sign up the thick fuckers i speak to at work would still vote Labour because it's been (in-)bred into them from an early age. I honestly believe that the government could do almost anything and get away with it - the poll tax/miner's riots are a thing of the past, apathy is the new anger.