Monday, 10 September 2007

Writing News

Morning Boys and Girls,

Hope you all had a good weekend. Just a quick bit of writing news for you all, Special has been rejected by a few more agents over the weekend (they'll all be sorry one day the fools - mwah ha ha ha) and I'm seriously considering hitting the publishers now, particularly the more independent, regional ones.

What do you reckon - stick or twist?

Also, I've written about ten thousand words of my Newcastle United book (Magpie Ranger), I was aiming at about fifty thousand - sort of Novella length - I'll keep you updated as to how I get on with that.



jcl said...

If the fat scotsman really has fell out with the unions it will be interesting to see how his party funds their next election campaign since selling peerages for a couple of hundred grand no longer seems to be an option.That would leave us with the stomach churning option of "call me dave" becoming prime minister.I think i might move to zimbabwe and become a farmer,at least you get fucked over quickly there!

cousin tel said...

isn't this the lost post

Rivs said...

Fuk me - how've I done that??