Thursday, 13 September 2007

My latest column is now online at Nufcview and can be read here:-

Feel free to have a look and, if you're a newcastle fan, join the messageboard and start commenting. The site is in it's infancy but will take off soon so get in at the start and make your voice heard.



Daz said...

Your right about the T.V. people not giving a toss, but I disagree with the bit about clubs to a lesser extent not needing the fans in attendance. I think Man Utd currently pull in over £1,000,000 more per home game from the gate than Liverpool, that's why the miserable, scouse scum want to move to a bigger ground.

jcl said...

that link is well worth a look,go on the message board then click on to the seperated at birth thread for a wondrous array of fast hands look a likes!

Rivs said...

Bunch of C**nts!