Friday, 28 September 2007

New article on Nufcview

My latest article on the toon is here:-

Feel free to comment on the style or the content...or you could just slag me off as usual.


cousin tel said...

Good article rivs but wern't you actually punching your weight or even above it under Keegan, you nearly won the league, in fact some bookies famously paid out on it. Ok you fucked it up in the end but that NUFC team were widely regarded as one of the best football playing sides in the country, you were certainly firmly in what we now call the big 4. I think Allardyce's mission is to get you back to that status. you finished second that year, if i offered you 4th now you'd probably bite my hand off.

Rivs said...


We did punch our weight under Keegan but that was over ten years ago (spookily around the time Shepherd took over - imagine that eh) and since then, apart from a few years under Sir Bobby Robson, we've underachieved as a club. This is mainly through the short sighted, trophy signing, bombastic approach of the fat pikey and his greedy sidekicks the Hall family.

Under the new regime I'm very confident we will be run correctly in the style of an Arsenal or Man U or even Liverpool. It'll take a long time but I don't mind as long as we head in the right direction.

Thanks for reading it mate.

cousin tel said...

Somebody should tell bigg market mike to stop wearing the replica shirt, if you have to buy it in xxl you shouldn't be buying it.

Rivs said...

That's the smallest size you can get in geordie shirts!

Daz said...

Good article, but surely the failue to beat Arsenal's reserves must be a worry, where was the solid defence then? Also i can't agree with Smith being a more than adequate replacememnt for Owen. I don't think Smith, Shola and Viduka combined would score as many as a fit Owen, if fact there's probably only a couple in the premiership we could.

cousin tel said...

daz, love the fact that you managed to get the words "fit" and "owen" into the same sentence