Friday, 21 September 2007

Jose don't wanna go to Chelsea...

Regular readers will be aware that I think this country is in a right state. Further evidence to this end was presented to me last night. Whilst watching a very interesting news item on Jose Mourinho's departure from Chelsea (25,000 for a champions league game-Jesus, do they want free prawn sandwiches before they turn up?) I witnessed a grown man crying. Can someone tell me what the fuck is all that about? I can just hear them down the Kings Road now:-

'He was the peoples manager...sniff'

'Sob...I've left my flowers at the main gates. Do you think he'll see them?'

'Boo Hoo...Has Elton arranged the benefit gig yet?'

Get a grip you soft twats!!


Daz said...

If i remember rightly there were similar scenes when messer's Keegan and Cole made their departues from St James' Park.

cousin tel said...

Couldn't agree more, I liked everything about the bloke apart from the style of football he played. I do support my team but at £50 a ticket i also want to be entertained (shoot me now you football purists). I'm not surprised at the ridiculous outpouring of grief, just go to any ground on a saturday afternoon and you will see that theres a large contingent of divvies for whom football is their life, these are the twats that crawl out of the woodwork at times like this. I've got too many things going on in my own life to feel sympathy for a bloke whos been sacked but got a £25 million pay off. The turnout for the CL game the other night is all over the papers but it's nothing new, it's been happening ever since we started getting in to the competition. Games against non entities in the group stages never sell out. Jose, i'm already over it, who's next, who knows, it won't stop me supporting my team, managers come and go, thats football, I don't have to tell you geordies that now do I.

Rivs said...

Tel, spot on - you're obviously old school like myself.

Daz, bollox - Nee-one cried when Cole and Keegan left, just when we blew the title (which is entirely acceptable but still a bit gay).