Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Separated at Birth?? - Part 2

  • Gordon Brown / A Charva (or chav if you’re southern)

    Consider the evidence: -
  • Charvas are bang into tack (or dope if you're southern) and Gordon is addicted to tax.
  • They’ll both shaft anything they can – In the Charva’s case it’s charvettes, in Brown’s case it’s England.
  • You’d like to give them both a bit of ‘Happy slapping’
  • They’re both ruled by the head with one eye
  • They both rob pensioners

    I rest my case.


cousin tel said...

In scotland they're called "neds"

Rivs said...

Shouldn't that be 'wee neds'.

jcl said...

Also they both like to mingle with like minded cunts, in the case of charvas fellow unemployable tracksuiteers, In Browns case his cabinet!

cousin tel said...

wee ned cunts