Thursday, 27 September 2007

You can take the boy out of Byker...

I've been thinking a lot lately about growing up and the passing of time, I imagine this happens more frequently as you get older and your own mortality becomes ever more evident.

The other day I was picking up apples from the bottom of my garden and evaluating things. The more I thought about it the more I realised just how far I've come in the world, from humble beginnings on a council estate in the East end of Newcastle to my own home in the prosperous south. I can eat steak every night if I want to, I can go out when I want, have weekends away with the lads and generally have anything up to four holidays a year.

In short, I realised that I'm very comfortable and I became a little worried that this would affect my writing, I mean my books and stories are all about the mean streets and the scum who inhabit them not litterbugs in market towns playing quaint games called Aunt Sally .

This was still concerning me as I watched a small kitten gambolling on my lawn with it's mother.

I got the little bastard right on the head.


cousin tel said...

It's affected your spelling pal, what does "beacem" mean.

Rivs said...

Don't know what you mean...Ho hum.

Daz said...

If you were still owld school Byker the Kitten and it's mam would have been burnt. (Even more so now i've got me own garden and cats keep soiling in it.)