Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Reasons to be cheerful...

In a change from some of my normal rants, particularly ‘Everything is average nowadays’ I thought I’d let you know about some things that have cheered me up no end recently:-

Knowing that this years crop of over-dramatic, shrieking, ignorant, selfish brats from Big Brother are slowly coming to the realisation that their fifteen minutes of fame is over and they have to return to their jobs at McDonalds/Tesco/the Call Centre as their own chat show and world wide adulation does not actually await them – I only wish I knew one of the twats so I could rub it in.

Vanessa Feltz telling Ulrika Johnson that after being married twice, having three kids by three different blokes and generally putting it about that maybe she should hang back before walking down the aisle again. I always like to see a critic criticised.

Rumours of Gordon Brown falling out with the unions – it’s the beginning of the end for the man who stole all our pensions, lets crime run uncontrolled (unless you drive a car – then you’re public enemy no. 1) and wishes to rename our country ‘Scotland too’.

Seeing that Leeds United might soon be run by a combination of Ken Bates and Freddy Shepherd – I’ve never liked them so I find this very amusing. The cherry on top of the cake would be if Souness was employed as manager!

Let’s hear yours.


cousin tel said...

1. Having a baby

2. Moving away from shitty london and reducing my outgoings by £1000 a month

3.Gonna treat myself to a 37" lcd tv

4. "Dads day out" is nearly upon us

5. 11th in dream team (spent the whole of last season in the bottom 2)

6. Ronaldhino's gonna sign for Chelsea next season.

7. It's a really nice day today

Daz said...

My reason to be cheerful is that i've just ran up virgin threatening to leave for Sky. In response they've put me on the top TV and phone package and also took £9.50 off my monthly bill. Belter! as i had no intention of leaving anyway as it would have cost £125 to get a BT line put back in.

Rivs said...

Have to rename you 'Marvellous Marvin'!

THE-SHADO said...

1> Finish work tomorrow for 2 and a half weeks.
2> Fly to Egypt on Sunday
3> Oh getting married on Friday.
4> Beat your cousin Tel to a 37" LCD TV as got one yesterday.
5> See above.

Rivs said...

Are you getting married then?

cousin tel said...

not his real cousin, just a friend of the family, he borrowed my orbital sander once

JCL said...

If the fat scotsman really has fell out with the unions it will be interesting to see how his party funds their next election campaign since selling peerages for a couple of hundred grand no longer seems to be an option.That would leave us with the stomach churning option of "call me dave" becoming prime minister.I think i might move to zimbabwe and become a farmer,at least you get fucked over quickly there!